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Civilian Service Rifle

What is it?

CSR is an NRA supported discipline derived from military service rifle competitions with the courses-of-fire modified to allow them to be shot with civilian legal firearms. Shot primarily in Bisley at the National Shooting Centre there is a league shot over the winter months and a national championships held in the summer.


What's involved?

CSR is shot using a centrefire rifle that holds at least 10 rounds at distances from 25 yards to 500 yards depending on the course-of-fire. Shooting is done from standing, kneeling or squatting, sitting and prone and some of the courses-of-fire involve running 100 yards to the shooting position before the shooting starts to add another dimension to the discipline.


What's next?

IVSC has an active group of competitors who participate in both the winter and summer competitions with practice sessions held throughout the year at the Moody's and Short Siberia ranges.

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